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Hi I’m Sarita. I'm a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, fitness enthusiast and, as of now, blogger, from Sydney living in New York City. 

For years I took my petit body shape for granted, eating and drinking whatever I liked with very little exercise. In the last few years I’ve needed to change my lifestyle, adapting to newly diagnosed food intolerances and introducing regular workout routines.

This site is home to my world today - a mash up of food, lifestyle, fitness and design. I hope you find something useful, inspirational or, at the very least, entertaining!





Sarita Walsh



Graphic designer


Current city

New York City


favourite snacks

Banana and peanut butter, raspberries, coconut water, chocolate almonds & dates



Food, photography, design, travel & fitness


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frequently asked questions


Where are you from?

I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm half Thai, half Australian and I can speak fluent Thai. I moved to New York in the summer of 2014 and I will be looking to venture back to a city near the ocean in the near future.


How old are you?

I'm 30. A lot of people are surprised; I guess it's the half Asian in me that keeps me looking like a baby. It doesn't help that I have a voice like one either!


how tall are you?

I'm 169 cm or 5'6". I weigh 52.6kg. or 116 lbs.


Do you follow kayla's meal plan?

Nope! I purchased it but I was unable to follow it as I'm intolerant to a lot of food in her meal plan such as wheat, eggs, dairy and legumes. 


how have you adapted what you eat?

As a result of my food intolerance, which I discovered 3 years ago, I eat quite healthily and hardly ever come close to junk food like pizza, hot dogs etc anymore. (when I was younger I was a junk food fiend!). That said, since changing my diet, I have developed a sweet tooth and my cheat meals often involve pairing alcohol with a couple of desserts.


Do you do any other workouts aside bbg?

I push myself quite hard with bbg and often add an extra 50 squats when I'm done with leg day or  50 russian twists after abs day. I alternate it around and add random exercises to the mix. When I do my LISS workout I always make sure I walk for 45-60 mins rather than 30-45 and I would crank up the incline grade from 6.0-8.5%



I stalk all these sexy strong girls on instagram every morning before my workout. When I feel a little lazy I put on my pumping playlist while browsing through all the gorgeous abs and toned bodies on instagram in bed. That basically does the trick for me.


Do you take protein supplements?

Yes, I do. I include organic plant based protein in my shakes after a strenuous workout. I find after a hard session that I crave something sweet and I take comfort in the fact that the extra protein helps my muscles recover. That said, there’s so much conflicting advice out there that I wouldn’t want to say this is the “right” way to go but it seems to work for me. I do try to eat a natural high protein diet anyway and, wherever possible, I get my proteins from fish, nuts, almond milk and other nut butters. 



I use VSCO as a base and instagram to touch up. My most used vsco filters are 4, 10, c4, c6 and s2.



I turn up the brightness to make my photos lighter and a little bit of contrast to make them crisper. Then I de-saturate my photos to make them a little less vibrant because that's how I like it.


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banana peanut butter

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