Alternative LISS session

I’ve been incorporating LISS into my exercise routine for quite some time now, pretty much since I started Kayla Itsines’s workout plan. I try to get 2-3 LISS sessions on the treadmill done per week: 45 minutes per session at 4.0mph with 6-9% incline. These sessions are integral to my overall workout regime. Personally, I love doing LISS because I get to watch my favorite shows, for the past few weeks it’s been Masterchef Australia

The other good thing about LISS sessions is that they are easily modified. For example, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went hiking in Cold Spring on a blustery Saturday morning. A key part of LISS is slowing down your training to ensure balance in your program. Taking LISS out of the City to nature was a way for me to slow down my life just for the day and I can definitely say that I came back feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

The hike we chose was around 5 miles long and involved heavy incline and very rocky terrain. Thankfully, before going, I’d bought a pair of Ultra Fastpack from Northface on Zappos for $120. 

I ordered two pairs (because I never know which size I am) and sent the other pair back. If you order on their app you get next day shipping free!

Unfortunately I didn’t have hiking clothes, as I tend to do most of my training in-doors during winter months, but that’s definitely on the list for next time. In one of the photos you’ll see me wearing a beanie, vest and windbreaker, all stolen from my bf, Rich! In the end, apart from not having my hand warmers (a godsend if you suffer from Raynaud's like myself) I was pretty impressed with how well I dressed. I was warm enough to not freeze to death but also cool enough to not melt and die when we were on the incline. 

In summary, I can’t recommend this type of alternative LISS session enough. Living in New York, constantly trying to balance work with exercise, socialising and personal projects, things can become quite overwhelming. Any time you can combine any number of these, while getting nature’s perspective on things can only be a good thing in my book!