Waking up to stretching Part II

My boyfriend and I have been discussing the topic of how we must tend to our mind like we do our bodies for quite some time now. He has been discovering great benefits from taking the time to meditate first thing in the morning, using the popular Headspace app. He says that, for him, meditation has been like stretching but for the mind; “it might not feel as though you’re getting much out of it in that very moment but you feel the benefits later during the day”. 

At this point you might want to check out my post on waking up to stretching (part I), if you haven’t already, where I shared how I have begun introducing a number of different physical stretching aids into my training routine. I found that by incorporating regular stretching into my workout program, my abilities in regular sessions increased significantly. In this same vain, my boyfriend is finding that by “stretching” his mind first thing in the morning, his mental abilities throughout the day are improving. 

The Headspace meditations are only 10 minutes long and you can access a free 10-day trial when you download the app.

One of the things he likes is that they use animations to communicate salient metaphors, for example, one animation uses the metaphor of how our mind can be like murky waters, but how by taking the time to meditate, we can clean the water so that we can see what’s down there. The first step is simply acknowledging our thoughts, like “checking in” with the body when we’re doing in yoga, and seeing what’s there so that we can mentally organise, kind of like physically aligning the spine.

I’m planning to see how it works for me over the next few weeks while I’m in Thailand amongst nature and the ocean.