How to stay motivated this summer

I always laugh/cry when I think how hard we all fight to get fit for summer and then how so often it all begins to fall apart once summer begins. At first slowly, then one day…boom, back to square one. You see, getting out of shape is just like getting in shape, it takes time to see the impact. 

So, in an attempt to prevent the mid-summer slump, I thought I’d share my top tips for staying motivated through the summer.


Pumping tunes

To anyone who knows me or who has read my posts before, this will come as no surprise. Music is my gatorade. It’s what gives me the extra 20% to turn an average gym session into one that keeps me buzzing all day. My personal favorite is hip hop with deep bass but really it’s about finding whatever works for you. I promise that if you start putting as much effort into curating your music as you do your outfit for a night out, you’ll soon see the difference.

Here are some of my playlists Resistance 01, My sweat life LISS from hell and running 01


Watching competitive sport

This is a relatively new one for me but I’m finding it really works and with the Olympics around the corner I can’t wait to take advantage. When I’m pushing on the treadmill or in the weights room I’ll now often turn the tv to whatever basketball, football or soccer game that’s going on simultaneously. There’s something about looking at toned athletes pushing themselves to reach new that gives me an extra boost when I’m starting to wane. Even if I don’t always know much about the athletes themselves, by just by having this on in the background I find myself able to push that little bit harder.


Good comfortable gear

For me having not only the right type of attire but attire I know looks good on me plays a major role in aiding my motivation to workout. Just because you’re working out at home or late at night when no one will see you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the effort in to find functionally fitting and comfortable gear that you also think looks good. I’ve recently been wearing a lot of Cotton On Body. I find their clothes super well fitting and they have some great designs that really fit my style. They’re also Australian so I’m a little biased (Go Aussie!) but seriously if you haven’t checked them out, I definitely recommend giving it a try.


Pre-prepared routines

Ill-preparedness is the evil of exercise. The days I flop in the gym are usually the days I went in without a plan. One of the reasons I’ve been able to turn a haphazard workout schedule into a regimented part of my life has been through guides that simply and intuitively coach you through different routines. Kayla’s BBG was my first introduction to these and I’ve since also benefit from the expert advise of Zoe Live love lift & random Pinterest workout guides. Whatever your fitness goals might be, make sure you have a guide to follow that will keep you on track, even when you don’t feel like it. 


Shorter sessions

It’s summer, we’re all busy. There are more events, more brunches and even more birthdays, somehow. One way I make sure I keep a degree of continuity through the chaos is through shorter workouts. Even if I’ve only got 20 minutes - which during the winter I would never consider enough time to properly workout - I just throw on my gear, get into the gym and do a quick HIIT session. If it’s late at night and perhaps I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine with colleagues, I’ll still make sure I walk for 30 mins on the treadmill while watching a silly show as I wind down. 


Introducing new activities

Yes it’s hot out but it’s also not the freezing temperatures of December through March. Summer’s a great time to get involved in new activities. I’ve started playing soccer on a Sunday with Rich and his co-ed team but you can find whatever works for you. I have friends that play softball, kickball, even bocce ball. It’s a great way to add in some variety to your week while often also meeting new people, not to mention topping up your tan!