My sweat life LISS from hell

Have you tried #mysweatlifeLISSfromhell yet? If not head to instagram, check out the #mysweatlifeLISSfromhell and prepare to be inspired! @mysweatlife's crazy 30% incline LISS session will give you a real good sweat. Unfortunately my treadmill maxes out at 15% so I've only been halfway to hell.

I need music in order to really push myself so I created a playlist specifically for Kelsey's LISS session. As you may already know I love hip hop, so of course this one is packed with deep bass tunes. I went with slow tempo to suit the slower speed of this LISS. At the top of every stride make sure you give your glutes an extra squeeeeeeeze. I also try to flex my abs while walking to further strengthen my core. I hope you'll enjoy this playlist ♡