Current tune 01

A lot of you love the music I play on my snapchat (saaareee), which makes me so glad because my love for music is stronger than my love for food.. and we all know I LOVE food. Since it is very time-consuming to create a playlist, I thought I'd start sharing my current song obsession every so often on my blog. 

My current favourite tune is WhoMadeWho - Keep Me in my Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub). Our good friend introduced us to DJ Koze (real name: Stefan Kozalla) last year and we fell madly in love with many of his albums. Check out the reviews by Pitchfork here.

DJ Koze is a German DJ and music producer experimenting with electronic music from ambient to break beats to wild sound collages from a myriad of musical genres. The readers of Germany’s trend-setting SPEX magazine correctly voted DJ Koze the DJ Of The Years for 1999 - 2004 - a well earned title, playing numerous shows all over the country and in different parts of the world. You can read the rest of his biography here