Oaxaca City / Mexico - Casa Oaxaca

Casa Oaxaca is a charming, boutique hotel in center of Oaxaca City. Situated within walking distance of the Santo Domingo and its surrounding monuments, you can easily see how people lose track of the days walking the old colonial streets, eating amazing local food and sampling some of the state’s finest mezcal.

The hotel has limited rooms, each with their own unique advantages, but all guests have access to the roof terrace. We spent many evenings relaxing here before heading out for dinner. Be sure treat yourself to the morning sunrise if you can.

There’s an array of day trips in and around Oaxaca City. We were lucky enough to visit the beautiful studio of Francisco Toledo in Etla on of our afternoon excursions.            

Oaxaca City is famous for its museums and heritage houses. We were treated to a few; all with amazing architecture, gracious sunlight and lots of plants.

Among the many great restaurants and bars, there are also a number of very simple cafes offering traditional, yet delicious treats, such as Oaxacan bread dipped in black coffee.

If you fancy rewarding yourself with a stunning dinner or an amazing afternoon cocktail, Casa Oaxaca’s “El Restaurant”—a ten-minute walk from the hotel—is just as impressive.

It’s hard to say what are more stunning, Oaxaca City’s spectacular interiors or equally impressive grounds.

Baroque arches are a recurring feature in architecture around the old city. An ever-present reminder of the city’s European influence.

If the height and sheer number of cacti were the only measure of a destination’s merits that Oaxaca would have no rivals. 


Casa Oaxaca

*Please note that some of the photos are taken off the hotel premises, all within walking distance. 

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